About Us

Our Mission:

Here at Auntie Chelle's we want your pet to be your last worry while you're away; whether it be on business trip, vacation, a family gathering or emergency and even just for the night out on the town... We strive to make this your pets second home away from home and treat them like family. I like to create a special bond with each animal hence the name Auntie. I will be referring to myself as such while you're away, and to your furry as my little niece/nephew. We have a big and wonderful backyard full of green grass and yellow flowers in the Spring time.  Our neighborhood is a lovely one to go on walks; especially on the weekends when we can check out the park down the street. Our mission is to keep your animal safe, happy, full and loved while you're away; so, that you may have a worry free experience. 

During your away period we will uphold your house rules considered they are provided, as well as your feeding schedule if different from our house routine. Strictness is always happening in our house, so your animal may come back a little more well behaved. I like to use a fluctuation of voices as well as other techniques that have proven to work for me over the years. 

Auntie Chelle has a whole life full of animal experience. She has raised countless rescue kittens and puppies from birth until they were ready to go on to their forever homes. She has special hands on experience with training, birthing, bottle feeding, kitten and puppy wetting, administering medication and more. She is CPR Certified and currently attending classes to become a fully certified trainer.

Daily Daycare and Boarding Routine:

We start our mornings off with a potty break and then some breakfast. Breakfast is served around 8-9am, and is served seperately. After breakfast we go out for either walks ($8) and some fetch in the backyard. Dinner is served around 5-6pm and is also served seperately, then either walks ($8) or some more play and fetch in the backyard. Potty breaks are given throughtout the day and well into the evening with bedtime being around 11pm. Water bowls are refilled continously; Morning, Noon and Night. We let our furries stay inside whenever they want and go outside as much as they want as well. Schedule is not exact, but it gives you an idea.

Daily Schedule:

6-6:30 AM Morning Potty Break (Water)

8-9:00 AM Chow Time

9-9:30 AM Potty Break / Walks (30 min)

10-11:00 AM Fetch and Play 

12:30- 3:30 PM Potty Breaks given with play time (Water)

5-6:00 PM Chow Time 

6-7:00 PM Potty Break / Walks (30 min)

7:30-10:00 PM Potty Breaks given with play time (Water)

11-11:30 PM Last Potty Break given BedTime


This is a family home with small children and small animals; so, NO aggressive animals. 

All animals must be up to date on their vaccinations.

Flea medication administered and up to date. *Flea collars will be provided.